I have served as a Regional Director on the IEEE-USA (and IEEE and MGA) Board. I have served as IEEE-USA VP of Professional Activities which includes four areas: Professional Activities (e.g. PACE), Student Professional Awareness (SPAC/SPAVe), IP Professionals, and the Annual Meeting.

I have many years experience in leading cross-functional teams in corporate and volunteer settings. For example, I was a team lead for the CAD Framework Initiative (became Silicon Integration Initiative) electronics databook project team which included participants from industry as well as competing vendors. I led a corporate team developing specifications for an RFP for schematic capture software.

I use an entrepreneurial approach in my IEEE volunteer activities. I am results oriented; I look to see what we can accomplish ‘now’ using available resources, or by collaboration with others, while looking out for future opportunities and resources.


I served as a member and chair of the IEEE-USA Career and Workforce Policy Committee (CWPC) in policy development and advocacy in interacting with Congress in many visits to the Hill when CWPC met in Washington. As CWPC chair, oversaw the development of IEEE-USA’s current immigration position, and initiated development of IEEE-USA and SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association) joint letter to US Congress supporting increased R&D funding and reforms to the EB (Green Card) visa system.

Professional and Career Activities:

I have over 30 years of IEEE volunteer experience at the Chapter, Section, Region and National levels. I have been involved as a volunteer in Professional Activities since 2001; I was PACE chair locally for several years. We put on monthly PACE related meetings and career-oriented workshops for several years. I co-founded a very successful local high tech career fair program from 2004-2009 during the ‘dot-com’ tech recession.

As a member of IEEE-USA CWPC, beginning in 2005, I developed a one-day “Career Survival in the New Millennium” workshop, and co-presented this workshop many times in cities across the US from 2005-11.

I have attended the IEEE-USA Annual Meetings since 2001 and have been a speaker several times.

I developed the conference concept and served as General Chair for the 2013 and 2014 Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech) at the fist volunteer-produced IEEE-USA Annual Meeting in Portland, Ore. which is now in its fourth year.


I served as Region 6 Membership Development chair for several years, instituted monthly ‘new member welcome’ messages from the Director, and worked with Sections on membership recruitment and retention. I was chair of the MGA Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee from 2013-14, leading monthly webcasts and conducting online Membership Development training sessions.